Linda M.

“I’ve really enjoyed my experience with Texas fit Chicks and my trainer. She makes our camps fun and enjoyable; she is very knowledgeable in nutrition and exercise and provides golden nuggets of information that is always helpful. She has created a family out of the ladies that are in our class. We care about one another’s success and we hold one another accountable!” – Linda M.

Amiee R.

“Life changing, not just for your physical health but changes for your entire self as a person. Life long bonds are built all with the same goal of achieving a healthy balance within life. “You are me, I am you, we are just packaged differently”” – Amiee R.

Cathy O.

“My group has been supportive but even more so my instructors, because I have had two awesome real down to earth women who have encouraged me through a (non related workout) knee surgery and recovery and another (non related workout knee injury) time extensive modification to keep coming and keep moving! I may not do what everyone else is doing or like everyone else, but I am getting stronger and healthier and becoming a better me! If not for Texas Fit Chicks I would still be sitting on the couch wishing I was doing something!” – Cathy O.

Lindsay F.

“My experience with Texas Fit Chicks could not have been better. The trainer Jess was amazing! I was not a fan of working out, but she created a welcoming and friendly environment that made the workouts enjoyable, even at 5 A.M! I highly recommend this program!” – Lindsay F.

Ann S.

“I’ve been with Fit chicks for a year now and it’s worth my time, sweat and money. My first workout I was out of breath and couldn’t finish. My trainer helped me through with modifications and told me to go at my own pace. When we were through I literally told our trainer I wouldn’t be back and that this was just too much for me. She reassured me I did good and that I just need to go at my own pace and that I could do it. I said nope and thanks. I realized on the drive home that I was giving up on something because I was out of my comfort zone. My trainer texted me later to see how I was. I apologized for giving up so soon and said I’ll be back.

I’m so glad I didn’t give up. With TFC you not only get a great workout with trainers who love what they do and are motivational, but the atmosphere in which you work out is like nowhere else. You have ladies at different walks of life, different fitness levels, different reasons why they take the class, yet we are all in this together and supporting and cheering one another on.

Since taking this I’ve gained strength and confidence to challenge myself physically. I’ve done numerous 5K’s, a sprint triathlon and a Gritty Goddess obstacle course. I really wouldn’t have dared to do these things before. They say the workouts don’t get any easier you just get stronger, of this I’m convinced and I’m hooked!” – Ann S.

Cassandra T.

“I am not a person who loved working out. But Sam my trainer has made a convert out of me, and notices all the little improvements I make even when I don’t.
The classes change each day, and I look forward to each one!” – Cassandra T.

Whitney E.

“I absolutely LOVE Fit chicks. Great workouts provided by caring, loving, intentional women who strives to empower YOU to be healthy and fit! All the trainers I have met are so great and have such a passion to help women become the best they can be!” – Whitney E.

Robin O.

“I am so thankful for Texas Fit Chicks and my trainer Shelly Sanchez. I’ve been with Fit Chicks in Flower Mound for about ten months and I just love it! I never thought I’d be THAT person who looks forward to going to a workout, but I have made it part of my routine and try to never miss. Even my friends and family know that on Mon/Wed/Fri, I am not available until after class. I have a phobia to gyms, so when I found TFC, I had to give it a try. I was immediately hooked. What’s not to like? Doing ever changing workouts outside, building relationships, and getting stronger every day. Shelly is an amazing trainer being so positive and constantly encouraging us. (She even brings a cooler with ice cold towels.) Texas Fit Chicks Is life changing!!” – Robin O.

Abby A.

“I’ve been a Texas Fit Chick for almost a year now. I love my trainer’s energy, the constant variations of well-planned exercises, and most of all the fun and laughter with the group. I feel like I am in the best shape of my life – I feel stronger and my clothes fit better. Sarah goes out of her way to help each member and genuinely want us to get the most out of our workout. I would totally recommend you to join – at any fitness level. No regrets here!” – Abby A.

Jessica M.

“Texas Fit Chicks is an uplifting, encouraging, yet challenging workout for women of all ages, stages and sizes. I love the workouts, they never get boring and there is always something new you’ve never done before. The trainers make modifications as needed and are always watching to correct your form and prevent injury. The sweat just rolls as much as the laughter and smiles at every workout.” – Jessica M.